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Disney getting into social gaming

Disney has just bought one of the main companies creating games for social network sites like Myspace and Facebook:

Somehow they apparently failed to appreciate the value of bringing people together in VMK but it will be interesting to see where this leads as they try to figure out what Disney brands to this kind of gaming.

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Hmmm. This could bode well - or not. lol

How many people played VMK?
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I just saw this and had the exact same thoughts.

I doubt they will bring back VMK as we all knew it. I would be interesting to see if something similar comes our way.

Also while reading a story about this, they mentioned that the Cars online game will be opening this month at Looking at the video on the "About Game" page, it seems an awful lot like VMK used to be, including having a "yard" that you can customize. I remember checking it out early on when all they had was a race track, but there's a lot more info on it now.
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