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Where do I buy a sword?

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Almost one year without VMK...:( It is really getting to me...

I feel like my creativity inspired by vmk is fading away and I miss all of my amazing friends and I know some of you are here and I just wanted to send all you a really big hug *hugs* You will always be in fit's heart
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Swabbing the deck
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Only a year? It feels like VMK's been gone forever. *sniffsniff*

I am also feeling a sort of creative vacuum. I have been through this before though, so I know something will eventually come along, but this 'low tide' period can really be the pits!

Hugs to Fit!
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Where do I buy a sword?

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*hugs back to bones*

WAAHHH I want my VMK back
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Where do I buy a sword?

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Im going to wear my save vmk tshirt everyday now i miss it soo much!! *
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Queensmama Graves
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It has been on my mind more than usual lately.... I just wanna hang out on the dock and shoot cannons at ppl with green ears!
Heartbroken! Thanks alot VMK

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