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  1. What do you like?
  2. First Movie Or Second
  3. Jack or Will
  4. Dance Along With Captain Jack Sparrow
  5. Trailer for third movie!!
  6. Get yeself pirated out!
  7. At World's End Site Updates
  8. PLease help me...its about PotC:O
  9. At World's End is AWESOME!
  10. Pirates 4?
  11. The real Jack!
  12. MTV Movie Awards for POTC2 & Depp
  13. At World's end Video Game
  14. Favorite "Pirates" Movie Song
  15. POTC movie fun
  16. Teen Choice Awards for POTC3 & Stars
  17. Thar Be Pirates Here...hee hee
  18. Check This Out!!!
  19. Curse of the Black Pearl TV Showings
  20. Something for the Collectors...
  21. POTC Photobucket Slideshow
  22. Put a POTC: AWE "Widget" on your page!
  23. Disneyland visit
  24. Who Says we are only in the Caribbean?
  25. How Dead Man's Chest Should Have Ended
  26. Disney produces first movie-license iPod game
  27. I wish I had some dirt
  28. Make your own 3D Head Pirate Pic
  29. Your own site pirate translator
  30. Cap'n Jack Sparrow Soundboard
  31. Stick To The Code errrrrr I mean Guidelines
  32. POTC 4 in the works!
  33. Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides
  34. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game coming!
  35. On Stranger Tides Trailer!!